Who is Aimee?


Well, I am known to many as my kids’ mom.  I have 4 wonderful children and a most supporting husband.  I live 4 miles from where I grew up and, therefore, my parents.  I love all things Disney and pretty much anything chocolate.  I sew, knit and love doing crafts with my daughter.  I can often be found at my kids’ school or at our church.  I teach in the preschool on Sunday mornings and I love spending time with all of “my” kids there.


I love shooting with my Nikons and I am addicted to canvases.  Photography isn’t really a “job” to me.  It’s a connection that I make with each and every family that comes to see me.  It’s memories that I capture for these families.  Something for them to treasure for a lifetime.  It gains long time friendships as I watch the children (and their families) grow.  It’s hard to call something that I love so dearly a “job”.


I work out of my home studio or on location in and around Athens.  Drop me a line or give me a call.  I would love to get to know you and your family!